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Where can I BUY TICKETS?

How can I add on pre-party tickets?

Is Bay Dreams R18?

Yes it is R18, no exceptions.

What are TICKET SPACES contact details

for all ticketing queries Please email  


What does my one day pass include?

Your one day festival pass is just entry to the main festival day, everything else is an add on

How do I complete a name change?

Log into your TICKETSPACE account and follow the steps



Tickets will be emailed to you by Ticketspace approx 4 weeks before the festival.

Do I need to print my tickets out?

No. Both printed tickets and tickets shown on smartphones or tablets are accepted

Can I get a refund or transfer my ticket?

All sales are final, and tickets are

Can I buy tickets at the gate when I arrive at the Festival?

We have a history of selling out prior. it's not worth the risk!

What does VIP mean?

to find out about VIP


Does the name on my ticket need to match my ID?


Where can I purchase re-sale tickets from?

Can I show my event ticket on my smart phone?


I haven’t received my e-tickets?

Tickets will be emailed to you by Ticketspace approx 4 weeks before the festival.


Should I bring my own tent?

Yes, bring your own tent with you, we will have tents available at the general store along with sleeping bags and airbeds.

is a camping ticket per person or per tent?

Camping tickets are per person, regardless if you are sharing a tent or not.

Can I buy a camping ticket if I already have a festival ticket?

Yes, you can purchase camping tickets from

Can I bring alcohol into the campground?

No, Dream City campground is not a BYO campground
we will have a licensed bar in the campground & also in the festival.

What time does camping check in open & close?

Early Check in Jan 1st - 10am (additional $29 Fee)

Normal Check in Jan 2nd - 10am

Check out 4th - 12pm

What time do we have to be out of the campgrounds on the 4th?

Campground will close by midday

What facilities are in the campgrounds?

We have warm showers, toilets & a powder tent, a general store and central hub which includes a bar and live music

Can campers come and go between cars + campgrounds?

Yes, but you will need to go through another search process on re-entry

Can I take my vehicle out whenever I want?

Jan 1st: Yes, but your vehicle will be searched again If you come back
Jan 3rd: No, as we need to lock down the site

How will Bay Dreams ensure my belongings are safe?

Security will Patrol Rutherford Campground but Bay Dreams takes no responsibility for your personal items.

Are vehicles allowed in the campground? (camper vans, sleep in car)

No, Dream City Camping is Tents only. No vehicles will be allowed into Dream City

Is DREAM CITY Campground wheelchair accessible?


Can I bring my own bottled water, non alcoholic drinks & snacks?

Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are all good! You can bring in empty water bottles and we will have fresh water onsite.

Are there designated camping spots assigned to our tickets?

Nope! You can set your tent up where you like in the campground,

How big are the camping spots? What size tents are allowed?

We don’t have any set limits but if you are camping on your own we don’t want you to bring a 10-person tent.

I have already purchased my festival ticket but forgot to add on camping? Can I still do it? If so how?

Yes, you can purchase camping tickets from

Can I park my car next to my tent?

No, Dream City is not a car camping campground.

I have a campervan, what kind of camping/car pass do I need?

Unfortunately Bay Dreams doesn’t cater for campervans or motorhomes.

Can I bring in a gas stove for my campsite?

Unfortunately NOT.

Are the campsites powered/Can I bring my own generator?

None of the campsites at Bay Dreams are powered nor can you bring your own generator.

Can I bring in a marquee?

You can bring in a small pop up gazebo as long as it goes over-top of your tent

(CLICK to open)

IS Bay dreams r18?

Yes, Bay Dreams is strictly R18, you must bring valid ID such as a NZ license, Passport (any) or 18+ Card

no entry at the gates will be permitted to anyone INTOXICATED

breathalysers may be used, refusal to conduct a test will result in denied access to the festival

If I am under 18 can I come with a parent caregiver or someone who is 18?

No sorry, Bay Dreams is strictly R18

What if my birthday is a few days after the festival?

No sorry, Bay Dreams is strictly R18

Is Bay Dreams BYO?

No Bay Dreams is not a BYO event. There will be licensed bars in the festival

Is transport to/from the event provided?

Your festival ticket allows free travel on a festival bus, when you purchase your tickets you will need to select which location you want to travel from

Can we bring in our own non-alcoholic drinks & food into the festival?

Food and non-alcoholic beverages can be purchased inside the festival

Can we come and go from the festival?

No, Unfortunately Bay Dreams does not do pass-outs, once you’re out, you’re out

Is there onsite parking for festival goers who aren’t camping?

No, the only parking onsite will be for camping ticket holders

Is Bay Dreams wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Please contact us at info@baydreams.co.nz with BD North in the subject line to let us know you are coming. We will send you details about where to park and other important information that will make your festival experience more enjoyable.

I have already purchased my ticket but forgot to add on the pre-party ticket, Can I still do it?

Yes, you can purchase pre-party tickets from HERE

Is a name change necessary?

Yes, your ID will be checked at the gate

How do I complete a name change?

You’re able to make the name change on your ticket by logging into your My Ticketspace account

Are non-campers able to go to the pre-party?

Yes, but tickets are limited so make sure you get in quick to secure your spot.

I'm not camping, where can I park?

There is no parking on-site and roads near the site are closed to all traffic except festival buses. Your festival ticket allows free travel on a festival bus.

How do I purchase food, drinks or other goods at Bay Dreams?

Bay Dreams uses a Cashless Payment System for all food, drink and Dream City goods.

Is there a map of the festival?

This will be posted closer to the event.

How do I get a refund on unspent money, after the event?

You can get your money back off your wristband from www.wayver.co.nz

What food options do you have for vegetarians and vegans?

We have multiple food vendors onsite who cater to vegetarian and vegan requirements.

When will set times be released?

This will be posted closer to the time.

How do I apply for a food/market stall?

Contact us at info@baydreams.co.nz and you will be passed on to the correct people.

Can I volunteer to work at this event?

Contact us at info@baydreams.co.nz and you will be passed on to the correct people.

I need to contact the event organisers directly, how do I reach them?

Contact us at info@baydreams.co.nz and you will be passed on to the correct people.

How can I apply for an artist spot at Bay Dreams?

We’ll contact you if interested, Thanks!


Main Event (Jan 3rd) - 11am > 10:30pm

Lineup and set times subject to change

Event will take place rain or shine

Your festival pass must be worn at all times

All attendees will be searched on entry and pat-downs maybe required
(refusal will result in denied entry to the festival)

No pass outs, one way door

Event is strictly R18. Valid ID must be provided
(NZ Drivers Licence, any Passport or HANNZ R18 card)


Alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia
Commercial food & beverage
Fireworks, explosives or flares
Laser Pointers
itemS that could be used as a weapon
Gang Patches
Professional cameraS
Video equipment or drones
Audio recording devices
Umbrellas bigger than 1m
Sealed  bottles of water
dangerous itemS that could cause injury
Aerosol products / cans body spray
Air Horns
Chairs or chilli bins
Flyers, giveaways or promotional items
Kites, hula hoops, skateboards, scooters or hoverboards
Sharpies, Markers or permanent pens
Tarps, tents or sleeping bags (ok to come into camping but not into main festival site)
Hi Viz vests or jackets that may be confused with security or event staff
Toy guns, water guns or slingshots
Pets – except seeing eye dogs
BBQ or cooking equipment
DronesAerosols over 180mlMedications including supplements (exception standard pain relief in original packaging, Prescription Medications must be accompanied by a Dr’s Script in the bearers name, in original packing and quantity enough for the duration of the festival)Glass into the main festival (exclusions perfume bottles under 150ml and makeup under 60ml)


Personal cameras
Hand sanitizer and baby wipes
Mobile phone and charger
Sunblock and sunglasses
empty bottles of water
Backpacks (small)
Blankets (small)
Chapstick and lip balm
Sealed / Unopened cigarettes and lighters
E-Cigs and vape pens (single use only)
Ear plugs
Eye drops
Fanny packs and hip bags
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